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About Us

Our Mission

Our  mission is to enhance the lives of attendees by peer learning, social  interaction, and active participation in an academic environment.

ILIR is a non-profit organization, a community of people who enjoy learning and each other. Classes are small and interactive. All presenters are volunteers.

Classes include something for everyone: Current Events, Science, Arts and Literature, Short Stories, Poetry, Film Club, Issues and Ideas, Philosophy, Ukulele and more.

Prior to COVID, classes met at the Boca Raton Community Center. Since COVID, classes have been on ZOOM. Although we miss meeting in-person, we have capitalized on the opportunity to hear speakers from all over the country.


people who are interested in the world around them

At the ILIR, I had a chance to listen to very interesting lectures, given by informed presenters from a wide variety of backgrounds, on diverse topics that I didn’t know I was interested in, and all at a very reasonable cost. Just as importantly, I enjoyed the company of people who are interested in the world around them.

Georgia Palmer

a chance to learn new things, connect with others

My experiences with ILIR are well worth the meager tuition. It is a chance to learn new things, connect with others, broaden your horizons, and form new friendships. There is a varied mix of individuals with different backgrounds that contribute to the programs’ success. Perhaps reaching out to other cultures would increase our diversity and open our minds to new ideas.

Monica Kramer

knowledgeable and engaging faculty

ILIR provides interesting, well organized topics presented by knowledgeable and engaging faculty on a variety of health, science and environmental issues. A great accompaniment to lunch!

Zara Brennan

something for everybody

At ILIR, there is something for everybody and lots to learn if one is open and receptive to all or many ideas of education. That’s what I love about ILIR.

Maddy Mayor

friendly, intelligent, & knowledgeable people

I used to attend lectures in a 500-seat auditorium at Florida Atlantic University’s Lifelong Learning Center. Never even spoke with anyone there.  At ILIR, I’ve met many friendly, intelligent, and knowledgeable people with whom I feel at home.  I first came for the Short Stories class but now I’m an ILIR regular—always something interesting or new to learn about.

Judith Yellen

love the program

I truly love the program.  The topics and learning experiences plus meeting and communicating with other people especially from the Covid experience has been a mind and life saver.

Lois Shapiro



What makes ILIR different from other lifelong learning programs?

ILIR is a community of people who enjoy learning. Classes are small and interactive. You can ask questions, hear what others are thinking, share your own point of view and get to know each other.

How many classes does ILIR offer?

Currently on ZOOM, we offer as many as seven morning and afternoon classes each week during our Fall, Winter, and Spring Terms of six to eight weeks. In our shorter Summer Term—usually four to six weeks--we offer as many as four different classes each week.

Can you give me examples of ILIR classes?

The ILIR schedule is an eclectic mix of classes that changes each session. ZOOM has offered us a unique opportunity to hear from speakers from all over the country. When we meet in person, larger classes like Current Events, SPOTLIGHT: Science and Environment, SPOTLIGHT: Arts and Literature and Film Club are set up classroom style. Smaller classes like Poetry, Short Stories, Personal Essays, Healthy Relationships in Our Senior Years and You Can Ukulele meet around a conference table.

Do I pay for each class?

No, you pay just one single fee for an entire term. You can attend every class, as many as you wish.

Where are the classes held?

ILIR classes met at the Boca Raton Community Center in downtown Boca Raton. 

Tell me about the course instructors

ILIR presenters are volunteers. They include retired as well as active professors and teachers, PhD candidates from Florida Atlantic University, health care professionals, community activists, government officials and others. ILIR SPOTLIGHT series feature a different speaker each week. ZOOM has enabled ILIR to recruit instructors from anywhere in the world. We are always open to volunteer facilitators with a passion for their subject.

Are there other benefits to attending ILIR?

Our members enjoy a sense of community and friendship as well as intellectual companionship. Some meet for lunch between morning and afternoon in-person classes. Some members also volunteer as presenters, join the ILIR Board, or contribute their talents in other ways.

Ready to join in the fun?