Institute for Learning in Retirement

Boca Raton

Peer learning, social  interaction, and active participation in an academic environment.

For over 30 years,  the Institute for Learning in Retirement (I.L.I.R.) has provided  stimulating educational programs for retirees of all ages. Over the  years our stimulating courses have provided something for most tastes  and interests, from science to art, music, current events, philosophy,   government, law, foreign language and movies. 

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Weekly Schedule


Mondays 10:00-11:15
Current Events

Mondays 1:00-2:15
SPOTLIGHT: Science, Environment, & More

Mondays 2:30-3:45
You Can Ukulele

Wednesdays 10:00-11:15
Mind Odysseys and Other Journeys

Wednesdays 1:00-2:15
The Art of Poetry, Music, & Art

Thursdays 10:00-11:15
Aristotle’s Bistro with Tony LaDuca

Thursdays 1:00-2:15
Film Club

Thursdays 3:00-4:15
Healthy Relationships in Our Senior Years

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people who are interested in the world around them

At the ILIR, I had a chance to listen to very interesting lectures, given by informed presenters from a wide variety of backgrounds, on diverse topics that I didn’t know I was interested in, and all at a very reasonable cost. Just as importantly, I enjoyed the company of people who are interested in the world around them.

Georgia Palmer

a chance to learn new things, connect with others

My experiences with ILIR are well worth the reasonable tuition. It is a chance to learn new things, connect with others, broaden your horizons, and form new friendships. There is a varied mix of individuals with different backgrounds that contribute to the programs’ success. Perhaps reaching out to other cultures would increase our diversity and open our minds to new ideas.

Monica Kramer

knowledgeable and engaging faculty

ILIR provides interesting, well organized topics presented by knowledgeable and engaging faculty on a variety of health, science and environmental issues. A great accompaniment to lunch!

Zara Brennan

something for everybody

At ILIR, there is something for everybody and lots to learn if one is open and receptive to all or many ideas of education. That’s what I love about ILIR.

Maddy Mayor

diverse topics

Thanks for bringing such diverse topics to ILIR. Many times I know little or nothing about the topic, but your selections force me to consider new ideas and have significantly broadened my knowledge base, which has been mainly scientific areas.
Charlie Spindel 

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