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Institute for Learning in Retirement

Boca Raton

Peer learning, social  interaction, and active participation in an academic environment.

Dear ILIR Members, Presenters, Supporters, and Friends,

It is with deep regret that we write to tell you that ILIR will be suspending classes and operations at the end of this winter session on March 8.  Due to decreasing membership and class attendance, as well as increasing costs, it is simply not financially feasible for us to continue.  We will take the next few months to explore whether we can reorganize or partner with another program.  At present, we do not see a way to do this.

The pandemic has taken its toll on many life-long learning programs.  While our zoom meetings were very successful at first and provided a lifeline during isolation, many of our zoom members did not continue to attend after we were all able to get out and about.  ILIR has continued to offer enriching classes as well as new “in the community” programs.  We had hoped that a return to in-person classes would enable us to get together, yet we have found that about half our attendees still prefer or need to come on zoom.  These hybrid classes have experienced many technical issues and, at times, we have had only a few people in our large Community Center classroom.

We are proud of the programs we have offered over many years and express our deepest thanks to those (all volunteers) who have brought them to you.  We appreciate all our members who attended in the past and those who continue to attend now.  Your interest and participation are the heart of ILIR.  We will continue to keep you informed about ILIR.  You can also continue to reach us by emailing ilirincinfo@att and/or calling 561-883-0999.

Meanwhile for our final week of March 5-8, we are planning some special events. Keep your eyes open for ILIR emails for details.  Join ILIR on March 5 at noon for lunch at the Cuban Café on NW 2nd Ave also known as Boca Raton Boulevard. Please let us know if you would like to join us for lunch. Reservations are necessary.

Additionally, please send your ILIR memories and commendations to ilirincinfo@att.net. We would like to post your thoughts on our website. ILIR means a lot to us. It’s a special community. And, you are an invaluable member of the ILIR community.

With sincere appreciation,

Carol Lazerick, CEO and Board Chair

Board Members

Bari Attis
Louis Baskin
David Lipson
Joel Ivers
Paula Kessler
Andrea Malow
Alison Miuccio

For over 30 years,  the Institute for Learning in Retirement (I.L.I.R.) has provided  stimulating educational programs for retirees of all ages. Over the  years our stimulating courses have provided something for most tastes  and interests, from science to art, music, current events, philosophy,   government, law, foreign language and movies. 


people who are interested in the world around them

At the ILIR, I had a chance to listen to very interesting lectures, given by informed presenters from a wide variety of backgrounds, on diverse topics that I didn’t know I was interested in, and all at a very reasonable cost. Just as importantly, I enjoyed the company of people who are interested in the world around them.

Georgia Palmer

a chance to learn new things, connect with others

My experiences with ILIR are well worth the reasonable tuition. It is a chance to learn new things, connect with others, broaden your horizons, and form new friendships. There is a varied mix of individuals with different backgrounds that contribute to the programs’ success. Perhaps reaching out to other cultures would increase our diversity and open our minds to new ideas.

Monica Kramer

knowledgeable and engaging faculty

ILIR provides interesting, well organized topics presented by knowledgeable and engaging faculty on a variety of health, science and environmental issues. A great accompaniment to lunch!

Zara Brennan

something for everybody

At ILIR, there is something for everybody and lots to learn if one is open and receptive to all or many ideas of education. That’s what I love about ILIR.

Maddy Mayor

diverse topics

Thanks for bringing such diverse topics to ILIR. Many times I know little or nothing about the topic, but your selections force me to consider new ideas and have significantly broadened my knowledge base, which has been mainly scientific areas.
Charlie Spindel