Mondays, 9:45-11:00

CURRENT EVENTS with  Joel Ivers
Read the papers, watch the news, check the blogs, and be ready to discuss news of the week in a lively atmosphere. And, there is always plenty of it! Joel Ivers will lead you in an informative and vibrant discussion.


This class is for people who think they can’t write. Yes you can! Beginning with free writing, Judith will guide you through the natural writing process for getting your memories, stories, and ideas on paper. You’ll do free writing in every class. You may share what you’ve written (optional) and give and receive constructive feedback. Come be inspired and write with us.

Mondays, 11:15-12:30

SPOTLIGHT:  Arts and Literature

January 22 -  Bari Attis       
Class, Money, and Feminism in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice

 January 29  -Joanna Marie Kaye, Director, Festival of the Arts BOCA and Jeff Kaye, Artistic Director, Symphonia 

On and Off the Stage – An inside look at Festival of the Arts Boca and The Symphonia.  From programming to production, how it all comes together.

February 5    - Diane Carter, Morikami Ambassador
The Morikami Legacy

February 12  -John Gabrielson
What’s it Worth?

February 19 – President’s Day - no Class

February  26  - Lois Becker
Discovering the Artist Within You, Surprise Surprise

March 5 - Mark Tietbohl, Change Consultant

The Art of Social Media

March 12 TBA

March 19 - Sharon Koskoff, Founder of The Art Deco Society of the Palm Beaches, Author
Murals of the Palm Beaches

THE JOY OF POETRY with Bari Attis and Nan Ganyard

Participants will read and discuss selected poems from the early modern writers to those of the 21st century. Emphasis will be on reading aloud, discussing the poems and poetic elements, and most of all finding joy in the words of a variety of poets.

Mondays, 1:00-2:15


There have been 45 presidents. Only 44 if you count Grover Cleveland only once as he served twice in non-consecutive terms. How many presidents have served in your lifetime?  What do you know about them? And, what do you know about those who served in other times. Join attorney and educator Steven Wallace in an exploration of the political and personal lives of these fascinating men.


Many of us to religious schools and services, light candles and participate in rituralls, and observe religious hloiday. But how do those activities enrich our lives or fail to enrich our lives? Rabbi Schreiber will share his perspective as particpants discuss their experiences.

Mondays, 2:30-4:00


Florida Atlantic University Charles E. Schmidt College of Science professors present a series on science and environment to encourage participants to expand their knowledge and interest in science.

January 22 - Ata Sarajadeni, Dean, Charles E. Schmidt College of Science, Astronomy                                   
Quasars, black Holes, and Dark Matter-unveiling the mysteries of the universe

January 29  - Maria Fadiman, Ph.D., Ethnobotany                  
The Intimate Relationship of Plants and the People in the Amazon Jungle, Tibetan Plateau and African Savanna

February 5 - Necibe Tuncer, Ph.D., Mathematical Science
Mathematics and Epidemiology: Would you like to solve an outbreak?

February 12 - Stephen Kaijura, Ph.D., Biological Science
Seeing the world through a shark’s eyes (and other senses)

February 19 – President’s Day - no Class

February  26  -  Andrezij Nowak, Ph.D., Dynamic Psychology  
How do societal changes occur?
Computer simulations and empirical data.

March 5 - Stanley Feldstein, Time Travel According to Einstein

March 12 -Sue Graves, Ph.d.  Successful Aging: Research and Action

March 19 - Kate Detwiler, Ph.D., Anthropology                             
At the forest's edge: A longitudinal study of hybridization in African monkeys


Wednesdays, 9:45-11:00

ART’S GREATEST HITS with Michael Feehan

This course will continue to provide an overview of the broad currents of artistic form and content through the centuries, and detailed looks at the masterpieces that have marked the way. Mike Feehan is an art aficionado with a lifelong interest in the visual arts and their history.

SURVIVAL SPANISH with Pina Ferero and Frimi Alalu

The class will zoom in on key social functions: greetings, expressing your opinion, asking for directions, ordering at a restaurant and talking about your family. Students will learn practical conversational Spanish, idioms and slang, grammar and vocabulary as well as gain Insights into Hispanic and Latino culture. 


Wednesday, 11:15-12:30

SPOTLIGHT: Florida issues/Global Issues

January  24
League of Women Voters
Voting Rights-Redistricting-Gerrymandering

January 31
Rabbi Barry Silver
Protecting the planet, from global warming to the local Ag Reserve

February 7
Dr. Brock Erickson, Doctor of Chiropractic
Lifestyle Trends

February 14

Justin Chapman, Assistant State Attorney
The Opioid Epidemic

February 21
Rabbi Barry Silver
Interfaith Harmony: A Trialogue

February  28
Jonathon Shaw, Principal Hydrogeologist, South Florida Water Management District
South Florida Water Management District

March 7
Rabbi Barry Silver
The Attack on Science Globally and Locally

 March 14
Rory Feeney, Land Resources Bureau Chief, South Florida Water Management District
Everglades Restoration and the challenges with invasive plants and animals

Thursdays, 9:45-11:00

ANALYZING THE NEWS with Jacobo Goldstein

He will give us the inside scoop on politicians and fellow correspondents during his Washington years from the Carter through the Bush administrations. 

SHORT STORIES with Bari Attis

​​Edgar Allan Poe defined a short story as one that could be read in "one sitting." Stories will reflect different time periods, countries, and viewpoints. All stories will either be accessible online or given to you.  So, sit back, read and enjoy a short story and join Bari in a thoughtful discussion. 

Thursdays, 11:15- 12:30

MIND ODYSSEYS with Geoffrey Kashdan

​​Geoffrey Kashdan believes that education can also be recreation. Similar in sophistication to the Discovery and History channels, these talks are presented with visuals, sometimes accompanied by short video clips. Your body sits while your mind goes on a fascinating trip.


Thursdays, 1:00-2:15


The ancient Greek philosophers were the great questioners. Aristotle's Bistro continues the tradition by inviting questioning of our ethical views and those of others in an atmosphere of respectful inquiry. Tony LaDuca has led these ILIR classes for several years. He will facilitate formulating guiding questions and discussions. "Philosophers" of all persuasions are welcome.

You Can Ukelele with Fritz Aufdencamp

Come and open a new chapter in your life by learning to play the "happiest" musical instrument. Sing the songs you thought you would never have an opportunity to sing again.

Thursdays, 2:45-4:00 p.m.

THE FILM CLUB with Susan & Tony La Duca

Film Club welcomes serious film lovers for interactive discussions about challenging films. Class led by Susan and Tony LaDuca, lifelong film lovers and critics. Emphasis will be on aspects of film writing, acting, directing and editing. Participants are expected to see recommended films that are showing at local theaters..