Beloved Actor James Garner: His Career in Movies & Television

Mind Odysseys and Other Journeys

Paul J. Ryan, Author, The Essential James Garner

James Garner: The Universal-ly loved and respected actor. Since his television debut in the mid-1950s, he has entertained millions of fans on screens both big and small. From supporting roles in memorable films like Sayonara and The Notebook, to leading roles in box office hits including The Great Escape and Victor/Victoria.


paul ryan

Paul Ryan is a management consultant, corporate trainer, and small business owner. He is the co-author of The Essential James Garner, the author of Raise or Repair and Retain a Great Credit Score, and is writing a third book about. humor. He is a resident of Delray Beach and originally from the Washington, D.C. area. He is the proud father of a wonderful teenage daughter. 

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