CONVERSATIONS: Stories of Women and Men

The Enneagram is an ancient and sacred tool for self-awareness and spiritual growth. Its origins are not entirely known; yet it has changed countless lives over thousands of years. It is not a religion. It is not a philosophy. It is not a rulebook filled with directives or ways to practice. It is not a political system. The Enneagram marries science, psychology and spirituality in a way that makes it both mystical and practical. How we see ourselves in it has everything to do with how we see each other … how we live in spiritual practice with each other. In this presentation, Garrett provides a unique look at the Enneagram through his own personal story and experience to inspire you to have your own.

Garrett A. Foster
Rev. Garrett A. Foster is an ordained Interfaith Minister, Inter-spiritual Companion, and Life-Cycle Celebrant. He is a four-time cancer survivor and self-identified mystic who believes in the power and truth of the Enneagram to change hearts, minds, and lives. As a spiritual teacher, he has led workshops and gatherings on prayer, mysticism, building community, and all-things Enneagram. Prior to his spiritual service, Garrett worked as an Emmy Award-winning writer and editor in television, magazines, and newspapers. He is also the author of the novel The Accident of Being Human. He lives between South Florida and Columbia, S.C., with his husband, Brian, and their family of four-legged rescue souls. As an Enneagram Guide, Garrett leads individuals and groups on customized journeys into the love and wisdom of the Enneagram.