SPOTLIGHT: Science and Environment

Dr. Young will help us understand the who, what, where, when and why of fish movements in coastal Florida.

Joy Young, PhD, Assistant Research Scientist, Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute.
Dr. Joy Young received a doctorate (2015) from Florida Atlantic University. Originally from San Diego, California Joy brought her love of good guacamole and fish across the country, working and/or studying in Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and the Bahamas before settling on the east coast of Florida. She is currently an Assistant Research Scientist with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission /Fish and Wildlife Research Institute (2008), coordinator of the FACT Network (2008), and director of Fisheries Data Solutions, llc (2016). Her work has two main themes: 1. The migration patterns of fishes and their impact on fisheries management and 2. Meeting national needs of data aggregation and dissemination through regional collaboration among and between researchers using acoustic telemetry and stakeholders. She is proud to have worked with amazing scientists throughout the southeast U.S., Bahamas, and U.S. Caribbean that have shown a commitment to collaboration for the betterment of science.