SPOTLIGHT: Science and Environment

primate on a branch high in treePresentation to focus on innovative methods to detect an elusive primate and placing camera-traps from the ground up to the canopy to shed light on a diverse mammal community in a Congolese rainforest.

Daniel Alempijevic, PhD candidate, Department of Biological Sciences, FAU.
Daniel Alempijevic, Integrative Biology PhD student with a concentration in Environmental Science, and his mentor Kate Detwiler, PhD, associate professor in the Department of Anthropology conduct research in the Democratic Republic of Congo on dryas monkeys (Cercopithecus dryas), which were once thought to be non-existent. Both Alempijevic and Detwiler study the monkeys through footage that they collect on “multi-strata” cameras, which they set up in trees in Lomami National Park in the Congo.