SPOTLIGHT: Science and Environment

Crocodiles and Alligators as Indicators of Change in The Florida Everglades Venetia Briggs-Gonzalez, PhD, Wildlife Ecologist, UF - Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center, Director, Lamanai Field Research Center.
Venetia Briggs-Gonzalez
The dynamics of the tropics and the realm of animal behavior fascinate me. And, in the tropics, the teeming, yet coexisting biodiversity prompts endless questions. I am interested in species interactions, in how and why species can co-exist, compete, communicate, develop mutualisms and evolve with time to form viable communities, including those at the human/animal interface. At the species level, I am drawn to the intricacies of mating systems and how sexual selection plays a major role in natural selection. My work in my homeland, Belize, and in Panama, and the southern US illustrate the rich natural resources available to us, but a tangible paucity of knowledge... that intrigues me, and I am thus dedicated to conservation efforts aimed toward sustainable natural resource management.